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Insomnia, Digestive or Headaches

I believe that Body Psychotherapy can help individuals experiencing symptoms of stress such as insomnia, digestive issues, and headaches.

Through my practice, I have seen how stress can affect both the mind and the body, and how these physical symptoms are often manifestations of underlying emotional and psychological issues.

Body Psychotherapy takes a holistic approach to healing, recognising that the mind and body are interconnected. It addresses the roots of an individual's difficulties as a lack of integration between different aspects of the self. By working to create new bridges between these different parts, Body Psychotherapy can help individuals restore feelings of wholeness and equilibrium.

In my sessions, I use a variety of techniques to facilitate this process, including Biodynamic Massage and other forms of therapeutic touch. By paying attention to non-verbal communication such as breathing and muscle tension, I can gather information about what is happening inside the body and work to rebalance the nervous system. Through a trusting therapeutic relationship, individuals can feel safe to explore and access their true inner selves.

If you are experiencing symptoms of stress or are struggling with emotional and psychological difficulties, I encourage you to consider Body Psychotherapy as a means of healing and transformation.


Together, we can work to restore balance and wholeness to your mind and body

Melanie Ellis Body Psychotherapy
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