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What is Body Psychotherapy?

Body Psychotherapy, also known as Somatic Psychotherapy, is based on the view that mind and body are one. Physical and mental health aren’t separate. Our psychological states, emotions, trauma and stresses are not just experienced by the mind but are also felt and held in the body. They are reflected in our posture, breathing patterns, muscle tension etc.

In this context, Body Psychotherapy is a holistic approach which intends to address the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of individuals. It views the roots of people’s difficulties as a lack of integration of these different aspects which often take its origins in our upbringing, following trauma or a life crisis.

In order to adapt to our environment, each individual forms some unique emotional, bodily and thoughts patterns. They help us at the time of difficulty or crisis. They help us to survive. However, some of these patterns might not help us anymore in the present time. We suffer and we don’t know why. We want to change but we don’t know how.

By creating new bridges between parts of the selves,Body Psychotherapy can help individuals to restore feelings of wholeness, equilibrium and alignment. Vehicles for self-exploration are used such as cushions, mattress, mindfulness exercises, visualisations, Biodynamic Massage or drawing. Techniques may vary from one session to another but the common thread, and most important, is a trusting therapeutic relationship. Change can only occur for individuals when feelings of safety are developed in the therapy room, so you can contact, access and grow your true inner self. 

Melanie Ellis Body Psychotherapy
Melanie Ellis Body Psychotherapy - Therapy room

What happens in a session?

Sessions start with talking face to face in a comfortable therapy room. Then, according to what presents in the conversation, I might suggest different paths for explorations such as relaxation, grounding or movement exercises, visualisations, drawing or biodynamic massage. Touch may or may not be part of our work together, and this will be discussed at our initial meeting and reviewed regularly.

Who is it for?

Anyone can benefit from Body Psychotherapy.

Whether you are experiencing (or have experienced)​

  • difficulties in relationships

  • repeated unhappy experiences

  • early trauma or trauma later in life

  • a crisis such as long-term illness, divorce, grief, redundancy, change of job etc.

  • feelings of being homesick, being stuck or being chronically unsatisfied

  • physical symptoms such as anxiety, stress, restlessness, insomnia, headaches, digestive issues,

Body Psychotherapy can help you. It aims to restore the pleasure of being.

Age: for individual aged 18 and over.

Melanie Ellis Body Psychotherapy
Melanie Ellis Body Psychotherapy - Therapy Room

How long does it take?

Short term psychotherapy lasts from 3 to 6 months but more in-depth discovery can last up to a few years. Clients are usually seen for 60 mins weekly  the same day and time each week.

Booking your initial consultation

This lasts for 60 mins and you will be asked about yourself, your present issues and about your general situation. When we have discussed the above, we will decide together if you would like to continue to arrange weekly sessions. I generally recommend at least 6 sessions so you can understand if Body Psychotherapy is for you.

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