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What is Biodynamic Massage?

In some Body Psychotherapy sessions, I might use in agreement with you a form of therapeutic touch called Biodynamic Massage.

Biodynamic Massage was developed to work with stress related symptoms, relationship difficulties and the emotional aspects of physical conditions. One of its aims is to rebalance the individual’s nervous system, increase body awareness which in turn restores healthy breathing and self-regulation.

While using Biodynamic Massage, I pay a particular attention to ‘non-verbal communication’ such as your breathing, muscle tensions and the sounds of your gut through a stethoscope which give me information on what’s happening inside (biofeedback). I also ask you verbally how touch is felt and experienced. Some images, sensations or subtle movements might arise. Together we might explore their meaning. We work with what unfolds. Each session is unique. Each session has its own level of depth and richness.

Melanie Ellis - Biodynamic Massage


Melanie Ellis - Biodynamic Massage - Therapy Room
Melanie Ellis - Biodynamic Massage

Overall, Biodynamic Massage is a psychotherapeutic massage  concerned with the integration of all aspects of an individual: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It can be experienced as a transformational form of massage that supports and invites the natural flow of life. It helps to restore the free flow of energy within the body which also support emotional integration.

Practically, Biodynamic Massage may be done with you clothed or partially unclothed depending on your preference (No oil is used). You might lay down on your front, on your back or on your side.

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